政府工作报告 Report on the Work of Liaoning Provincial Government
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Report on the Work of Liaoning Provincial Government


Delivered at the First Session of the 14th Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress held on January 12, 2023

省长 李乐成

Governor Li Lecheng

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Provincial People’s Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government. I ask for your deliberation and approval. I also ask for comments from members of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and those invited to sit in on the conference.

I. Review of Our Work in 2022 and over the Past Five Years

The year 2022 was truly momentous. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was successfully held, greatly inspiring and motivating the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead in the new journey and make strides in the new era. General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Liaoning, giving us instructions, meticulous guidance and encouragement along his inspection tour and urging us to shoulder greater responsibility with more concrete actions in revitalizing northeastern China in the new era and strive to create new fronts in Liaoning’s revitalization and development. The officials and the masses throughout the province are motivated and inspired to gain further understanding of the decisive significance of the affirmation of Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and the affirmation of the guiding role of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. We firmly uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the CPC Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and uphold the Central Committee’s authority and its centralized leadership, carry forward the great founding spirit of the Party and pull out all the stops to make headway in the new era.

In the past year, with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as our guide, we comprehensively implemented the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress, the plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 20th CPC National Congress. Under the leadership of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee, we adhered to the general principle of making advances while maintaining stable performance, fully and faithfully applied the new development philosophy on all fronts, proactively supported and integrated into the new development pattern, and ensured tangible results in promoting high-quality development. We resolutely implemented the requirements of effective COVID-19 containment, economic stability and safe development, made effective achievements in both epidemic response and economic and social development, put the people and their lives above all else, took science-based and effective measures in routine Covid-19 control, timely contained local outbreaks and sporadic cases and optimized and adjusted prevention and control measures. With these efforts, we effectively safeguarded people’s health and safety and firmly ensured stable economic growth, achieving steady progress in development quality and keeping the society harmonious and stable. Liaoning’s GDP grew by 2.1%, fixed asset investment increased by 3.6%, the total import and export volume rose by 2.4%, jobs were provided for 462,000 urban residents, consumer prices were up by 2%, and per capita disposable income for urban and rural residents increased by 2.2% and 3.6%, respectively.

(I) Making all-out efforts to stabilize the economic fundamentals. Facing the triple pressures of demand contraction, supply shocks and weakened expectations, as well as the impact of factors beyond expectation, we fully implemented a package of policies and subsequent measures issued by the State Council for stabilizing the economy, and timely introduced a series of policies and initiatives to stabilize the economy, the industry and the service sector. By actively following the national macro policy, we worked to secure an investment of 14.24 billion yuan under the central budget and issued new special bonds worth 40.9 billion yuan, both record highs. With intensified relief efforts to support enterprises, we cut and exempted their tax burden by more than 90 billion yuan, benefiting nearly 1 million market entities. Focusing on high-quality development, we integrated the political mission of safeguarding the five-sphere national security with the strategic pillar of expanding domestic demand and the supply-side structural reform, planned and implemented 15 major projects, continuously optimized the investment structure, and as a result, saw an 19.1% increase of investment in construction projects. Beijing-Harbin Expressway was expanded, and the construction of Benxi-Huanren-Kuandian Expressway and Lingyuan-Suizhong Expressway was fully commenced. We signed the agreement and started to relocate and transform Dalian Shipbuilding Industry and PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company, and got the approval from the Central Government for relocating Dongta Airport and constructing Dalian new airport. We commenced the construction of Western Anshan Iron Ore Mine, CCCC Yingkou LNG Receiving Station project and SK Hynix project, and the first phase of BMW Brilliance Plant Lydia was fully completed and put into operation. With themed consumption promotion activities, such as “Shopping in Liaoning and Enjoying the Experience with Discounted Products”, the online retail sales of physical goods registered an increase of 14.2%. Liaoning’s economy showed strong vitality and resilience.

(II) Advancing reforms in key areas. Insisting on addressing internal problems, we intensified our efforts in rectifying and improving the business environment. We furthered the reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services, fully implemented the list-based and standardized management of administrative licensing and expedited the construction of a digital government, considerably cutting Liaoning’s average processing time of government service items and ensuring services for 927 items frequently needed by local residents accessible on cellphone applications and services for 137 items provided on an inter-provincial basis. The reform on granting eligible enterprises favorable treatment and subsidies demonstrated notable effects. We introduced measures for joint implementation among different departments of disciplinary penalties on serious breach of trust in government affairs. The reform on the administrative reconsideration system was preliminarily completed. The three-year action of reforming state-owned enterprises (SOEs) was fully completed. We vigorously supported private enterprises to improve quality and efficiency and saw an increase of 76 national enterprises producing unique and novel products with specialized and sophisticated technologies, known as “little giants”. We deepened the reform of the budget management system and promoted the reform of the financial system below the provincial level. We achieved tangible results in the special action to prevent and address the arrears to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We launched the online provincial financing credit service platform, established a 20 billion yuan industrial investment fund, and set up a regular matching platform for banks and enterprises. We carried out the enterprise listing multiplication plan, with seven companies newly listed.

(III) Strengthening the scientific and technological innovation momentum. We insisted on the simultaneous advancement of environment, platform and professional personnel for innovation and strove to create a regional scientific and technological innovation center with national influence. Liaoning Academy of Materials, Liaohe Laboratory, Costal Laboratory and Huanghai Laboratory were inaugurated and began operation. The Energy Catalytic Conversion Laboratory of Dalian Institute of Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was included in the first batch of pilot institutions under the national key laboratory enhancement program. Twenty-two pilot-scale testing bases were built. We implemented 253 Dare-to-Undertake scientific and technological projects and made major breakthroughs in 29 core technologies. We carried out the Liaoning Talent Initiative, attracting 238 high-level talent teams bringing projects with them. The first Liaoning Vocational Skills Competition was successfully held. The number of valid invention patents per 10,000 people reached 15.2. We formulated and implemented the programs of improving the local support rate of leading enterprises, local transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements and growth rate of science and technology-based enterprises, with the number of science and technology-based SMEs increased by 39% and high-tech enterprises by 19.7%, respectively. As a result, the innovation environment continued to improve, and the innovation momentum became stronger.

(IV) Continuing to optimize the industrial structure. Focusing on initiatives of cultivating digital Liaoning and making the province competitive in smart manufacturing we formulated and implemented the three-pronged three-year action plan on structural adjustment and pooled resources in building three 1-trillion-yuan level industrial bases, namely advanced equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and metallurgical new materials. We achieved positive results in constructing 22 key industrial clusters. We further tapped the potential of digital technologies to boost the performance and efficiency of enterprises, established 152 digital workshops and smart factories and created 1,235 application scenarios, with the CNC (computer numerical control) rate of key processes and digital R&D and design tool penetration rate of above-scale industrial enterprises higher than the national average for the first time. We extended, supplemented and strengthened the industrial chains, leading to the fine production rate of the chemical industry reaching 44.1%, and the revenue share of new metallurgical materials increased by 1.5 percentage points. Eight new single-product-manufacturing champions emerged, the revenue share of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry increased by 2 percentage points, and the new energy vehicle (NEV) production output increased by 39.1%. The 2022 Global Industrial Internet Conference was successfully held. The super node of Spark·Blockchain (Shenyang) was officially launched, and 32 new provincial industrial Internet platforms were created. We accelerated the pace of industrial innovation and transformation to further enhance the resilience and security of the industrial chain and supply chain.

(V) Making notable progress in green development. We successfully held the main national event for the World Environment Day, and General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter for the event, giving us great encouragement. We took further steps to prevent and control pollution and made concrete efforts in rectifying the issues raised by the central ecological and environmental protection inspection team. The average concentration of PM2.5 dropped to 31 micrograms/cubic meter for the whole year, and the ratio of days with good/excellent AQIs reached 90%. The proportion of surface water cross-sections with good/excellent quality among the 150 of those under the national assessment increased to 88.7%. Liaohe River Estuary was listed as a candidate of national parks. We implemented the Green Liaoning project and launched the three-year campaign of wind and sand control and soil stabilization in northwest Liaoning, afforesting 1.58 million mu (105,333 hectares) of land, restoring 834,000 mu (55,600 hectares)of the grassland, and treating 3 million mu (200,000 hectares) of soil erosion. We rationally delineated the Three Spaces and Three Lines (agricultural, ecological and urban spaces; the bottom line for permanent fundamental farmland, the red line for ecological conservation and the periphery line for urban development) and completed the provincial spatial planning of the national land. We formulated the implementation plan of achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions and supported 24 iron and steel enterprises to achieve ultra-low emissions. The proportion of green buses in cities reached 94%. Shenyang, Yingkou and Panjin were newly selected as eligible cities under the clean heating project in northern regions. Liaoyang was selected as a national forest city. Panjin was awarded as an international wetland city. Benxi County and Kazuo County were approved as national ecological protection demonstration areas. With lasting blue skies and clear water in Liaoning, green has increasingly become a distinctive identity of high-quality development.

(VI) Deepening and expanding opening up and cooperation. We effectively dovetailed with RCEP and actively constructed the northeast land-sea channel, witnessing a 27.7% increase in the number of CR Express trains and a 4.7% rise in the volume of sea-rail transport. Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong and Yingkou were approved as national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases. Anshan was approved as a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce, Dandong Port and Huludao Port were approved by the State Council to expand their opening up, and Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone became a national demonstration zone for import trade promotion and innovation. We promoted the construction of the high-level Pilot Free Trade Zone. We made new progress in constructing Taiping Bay Cooperation and Innovation Zone, gained fruitful results in the 2022 Liaoning International Investment and Trade Fair, successfully held the 9th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum and achieved active outcomes in economic and trade activities held in ROK and Japan. We organized “business attraction and promotion week” activities targeting the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, deepened the Jiangsu-Liaoning, Beijing-Shenyang and Shanghai-Dalian paired-up cooperation, with the actual invested capital up by 19.2% and the actual use of foreign investment up by 89.5 %. We have made marked progress in developing a new pattern of high-level opening up.

(VII) Gaining new ground in coordinated regional development. The three-year action on coordinated regional development featuring One Rim, One Belt and Two Areas was implemented. With the expedited advancement of the One Hub and Four Centers program in Shenyang, the city preliminarily completed the one-hour metropolitan transportation network, further integrated the key industrial chain with the supply chain, and 102 government services can be provided in the metropolitan area. New progress was made in the construction of Shenyang-Fushun Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone. The construction of Northeast Asia international shipping center was accelerated in Dalian, and so were its international logistics center and regional financial center. The industrial coordination between six coastal cities was deepened, and so was the collaboration among them in key industries, such as marine, chemical and equipment manufacturing. The pioneer zone construction for western Liaoning to integrate into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development progressed steadily, attracting 81 projects with a total investment of 21.1 billion yuan. Ecological service functions improved in the Eastern Liaoning Green Economic Zone to promote the clustering of green industrial enterprises and speed up the construction of 12 national forest economy demonstration bases. We formulated and implemented directives on high-quality development of county economy. We promoted the upgrading of development zones and parks.

(VIII) Attaining tangible results in rural revitalization. We firmly shouldered the responsibility of maintaining food security, added 3.913 million mu (260,867 hectares) of high-standard farmland, implemented the black soil protection project covering 10 million mu (6.667 million hectares), created 100,000 mu (66,667 hectares) of protected agriculture and selected and promoted 99 fine varieties of crops. The total grain yield registered 49.69 billion jin (24.845 billion kilograms), the second highest in history. We consolidated and expanded the achievements of poverty alleviation for effective matching with rural revitalization, developed rural specialized industries, established five new national modern agricultural demonstration zones, including Kaiyuan City. Xinmin City, Xingcheng City, Lingyuan City and Pulandian District were named as national rural revitalization demonstration counties. We stepped up efforts in promoting the beautiful countryside program, building 1,119 beautiful and livable villages and constructing and renovating 6,820 kilometers of rural roads to continuously improve the rural living environment.

(IX) Continuously improving people’s wellbeing. All the 10 programs concerning people’s livelihood promised at the beginning of the year were completed. Stable employment being placed high on the agenda, we allocated 1.61 billion yuan to stabilize the employment, keeping 3.431 million residents employed. The basic pension for retirees increased by 4% per person. We established and improved the outpatient mutual aid mechanism for employees under the basic medical insurance system. The per capita subsidy for urban and rural residents’ medical insurance increased by 30 yuan. The average monthly living allowance for urban and rural low-income residents was raised to 727 yuan and 563 yuan, respectively. We promoted high-quality development of education and eased the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education in a steady and orderly manner, with coverage of inclusive kindergartens reaching 87% and group-based schooling in compulsory education reaching 100%. The State Council’s inspection team affirmed what we had achieved in the reform of vocational education, and new progress was made in developing first-class universities and first-class disciplines. Healthy Liaoning Program was expedited, the construction of the first regional medical center for children in northeastern China was commenced and the establishment of four provincial-level regional medical centers received support from the Central Government. We launched cultural programs to enrich people’s lives. The film Steel Will was selected by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee for welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress, and six works won the Outstanding Work Award under the Five Ones Project (one good drama, one good TV play, one good film, one good book (limited to social sciences), and one good theoretical article (limited to social sciences)) launched by the Central Publicity Department. The Harmonious China cultural relics exhibition was successfully held, and a number of documentaries and animated films, such as The Fishing Man and the Sea, were broadcast in countries along the Belt and Road. Liaoning athletes competed for medals in the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, and the men’s basketball team won the CBA championship again, exhibiting Liaoning’s image in the new era.

(X) Reinforcing the security bottom line. We successfully completed the task to ensure security and stability for the 20th CPC National Congress, contributing to the overall situation with local security in Liaoning. We continued to reform and defuse the risks of urban merchant banks with tailored measures, coordinated the overall agricultural credit system reform in the province, prudently implemented the judicial reorganization of some enterprises, supported key enterprises to address risks, liquidate non-performing loans and recover losses, and steadily restored the financial ecosystem. We strove to gain policy support from the Central Government on the delivery of presold housing and actively defuse risks in the real estate sector. We made all-out efforts in tightening up the basic social functions from three aspects at the grassroots level. We resolutely implemented the State Council’s 15 measures and the 50 specific actions of the province for workplace safety, and investigated and addressed safety hazards, with no major production safety accidents in the whole year. We prevailed over the flood rarely seen in history and achieved zero death in disaster prevention and relief endeavors. Shenyang and Dalian won the title of national food safety demonstration cities. We carried out routine actions in combating organized crimes and rooting out local criminal gangs and the 100-day Summer Action to safeguard public security, witnessing the total number of crimes continue to decline.

We actively supported the reform and development of national defense and military forces and focused on the work related to education on national defense, national defense mobilization, military-civilian mutual support, border and naval defense, people’s air defense, militia reserve and veterans, leading to closer military-government and military-civilian relationships. We solemnly held the burial ceremony for the ninth batch of remains of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army martyrs returned from the ROK. We gave full play to the role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations, science and technology associations, disabled persons’ federations, committees of the aged, the Liao Ning Charity Federation, and the Red Cross, and made new progress in work related to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs, press and publication, ethnic groups, religions, meteorology, earthquake, geological surveying and mapping, social science research, advisory office, and cultural and history research.

Over the past year, we have adhered to the overall leadership of the Party, unremittingly exercised the full and rigorous governance over the Party and consolidated and expanded what we achieved in studying Party history. Concrete actions were taken for the government system to thoroughly study, comprehensively grasp and fully implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress. We made continuous efforts to purify the political ecosystem, improved Party conduct, promoted clean governance, fought against corruption, strictly implemented the Central leadership’s eight-point decision on improving work conduct and its implementation rules, and guarded against pointless formalities and bureaucratism. Submitting ourselves to the legal and work supervision of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress and its Standing Committee and the democratic supervision of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, we processed 589 proposals from the deputies to the provincial people’s congress and 532 proposals from the members of the CPPCC provincial committee. We amended and formulated seven provincial-level laws and regulations, revised and repealed 20 government regulations, cleaned up 3,669 provincial government documents and retained and publicized 473 documents, indicating an accelerated pace of building a law-based government.

Fellow Deputies! Behind what appears to be an easy and smooth path to success are challenges and painstaking efforts. Looking back at the past year, we were faced with frequent and sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks, risks and challenges emerging one after another, continuously increased pressure of economic downturn and a number of major tests. Under the leadership of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee, we made predictions of what would happen and preparations in advance, adopted prompt actions and concrete measures in a timely manner in our fight against the epidemic, the flood. We stabilized the economy, defused the risks, promoted the reform and ensured security, overcoming challenges one after another. Through unremitting efforts of the people province wide, the economy has continued to stabilize and grow, the construction of major projects has shown a positive scenario rarely seen in many years, the new growth driving forces have rapidly collected, the business environment has improved significantly, and the development expectation has continued to improve. The officials and the masses are more confident and determined with greater initiatives in promoting the revitalization and development. There has appeared a brighter prospect for the all-round revitalization of Liaoning!

The year 2022 marked the last year of the term of the current provincial government. Over the past five years, in the face of the complex international situation and the arduous task of promoting reform, development and stability, we have steadfastly carried out the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee. We have maintained strategic focus, withstood the phased pain of transformation, broke away from path dependence, focused on the quality of development, boldly faced up to difficulties and never “detoured”. We have won the battle against poverty as scheduled and built a moderately prosperous society in all respects together with other parts of the country. Liaoning has emerged from the most difficult period in many years and promoted its all-round revitalization to a new journey of high-quality development.

Over the past five years, keeping in mind the entrusted mission and task and striding forward with gratefulness, we have steadfastly followed the orientation pointed out by General Secretary Xi Jinping, firmly undertaken the political mission of safeguarding the five-sphere national security, sped up to shore up Four Shortcomings in mechanisms and institutions, economic structure, opening up and cooperation, and views and values, and to complete Six Key Tasks listed in the annual Central Economic Work Conference with tangible results, so as to create a new revitalization and development situation featuring sound business environment, strong capacity for innovation, excellent regional layout, beautiful environment, sufficient openness and vitality, and high happiness index. With our efforts, we have achieved an average annual growth of 3.9% in GDP, 3.2% in general public budget revenue, and 2.6% in fixed asset investment, exemplifying the effective high-quality economic and social development.

Over the past five years, we have worked to consolidate the foundation and sought reform and innovation in all aspects, focused on breaking the traditional mindset, boldly explored uncharted waters, dared to tackle Gordian knots and continued to deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms in key areas. Focusing on creating a convenient, law-based, cost-efficient and ecologically friendly business environment, we have promoted and ensured the fundamental improvement of the business environment through continued purification of the political ecosystem and the continued improvement of the rule of law. With great efforts to solve problems left over from history related to the reform of SOEs, we have successfully implemented the strategic restructuring of SOEs, such as Anshan Iron & Steel and Benxi Iron & Steel companies. We have supported the private economy to grow in scale and competitiveness, and the number of private enterprises has reached 1.094 million, 1.6 times more than in 2017. We have achieved a deeper involvement in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, and the entire project of “three channels and five ports” have been completed for CR Express trains. The Liaoning Provincial Scientific and Technological Innovation Regulations were released, representing a higher level of reform and innovation.

Over the past five years, we have carried forward fighting spirit, shouldered due responsibilities, efficiently coordinated COVID-19 response with socioeconomic development, balanced development with security, achieved significant results in COVID-19 response and continuously strengthened the important epidemic control and treatment system and emergency response capacity building. Insisting on taking swift actions, defusing risks at a controlled pace and stabilizing expectations, we have steadily pushed forward the financial reform to defuse risks, successfully incorporated Liaoning Financial Holding Group and Liaoshen Bank, made all-out efforts to reform urban commercial banks and rural credit institutions, taken concrete actions in dealing with the risks of key enterprises, actively resolved the government’s hidden debts and held the bottom line of no regional and systemic risks. We have been fully engaged in the concentrated rectification of the refined oil market, cracking down on oil-related and tax-related crimes, so as to safeguard national energy security.

Over the past five years, we have carried on arduous struggles, and resolutely withstood the pressure of economic downturn by sticking to the principle of self-reliance and self-improvement, continued to pursue high-quality development and never wavered in our work for realizing the development goals. With indomitable resilience and dauntless courage, we have accelerated the development of digital Liaoning and made the province competitive in smart manufacturing. We have put out all the stops to carry out three-pronged action on structural adjustment and fully started new infrastructure construction, such as 5G base stations and industrial Internet. We have taken active actions in cultivating a regional development pattern featuring One Rim, One Belt and Two Areas and striving to become a regional scientific and technological innovation center with national influence. The digital economy takes up 37.4%, and the number of scientific and technological SMEs is six times as many as that in 2017. All these have laid a solid foundation for high-quality development.

Over the past five years, we have been putting people first and fulfilling our original aspirations. All the 15 provincial-level poor counties, 1,791 impoverished villages and 840,000 registered rural poor residents have shaken off poverty. We have improved the long-term mechanism for safeguarding people’s livelihood, with the expenditure spent on people’s livelihood exceeding 75% of the fiscal expenditure, and the average annual growth in per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reaching 4.7% and 7.7%, respectively. We have promoted the construction of pioneer areas for urban renewal, renovated 3,802 old neighborhoods and newly built and renovated 21,000 kilometers of old pipe networks. We have newly reconstructed and repaired 41,000 kilometers of rural roads. We have made meticulous and caring efforts in promoting people’s wellbeing in such areas as employment, education, social security, medical care, elderly care, childcare and housing. We have continued to enrich people’s cultural life, improved the work mechanism and protection system for veterans, conducted special actions in combating organized crimes and rooting out local criminal gangs and striven to address the most direct and realistic concerns of people, thus continuously raising their sense of gain, happiness and security.

These achievements fundamentally lie in the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at its core and the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and are the results of what Liaoning people have done in unity under the leadership of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee. On behalf of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, I would like to pay tribute to people of all ethnic groups across the province, deputies to the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, members of the CPPCC Liaoning Provincial Committee, other political parties, federations of industry and commerce, people’s organizations, people from all walks of life, central institutions based in Liaoning, the officers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, armed police officers, public security officers, and commanders and fighters of the fire rescue teams. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and international friends who care about and support the revitalization and development of Liaoning!

While summarizing what we have achieved, we are also soberly aware of the severe challenges facing Liaoning’s economic and social development and obvious deficiencies in the government’s work, mainly: the major annual and five-year economic indicators have failed to meet expectations, and the foundation for economic stabilization and recovery have yet been consolidated; the industrial restructuring needs to be further accelerated, the level of opening up and cooperation is not as high as it should, and many problems and difficulties still need to be addressed for promoting high-quality development; risks and hidden dangers in various fields still require enough attention; there is still much to be desired in improving the business environment, especially the rule-of-law and the credibility conditions; the quality of market entities is yet to improve, their vitality needs to be further promoted, and some micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) face difficulties to survive; the supporting and leading role of innovation is insufficient, and more science and education resources are yet to be translated into strengths for high-quality development; there are still many weak links to be addressed in safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood; further efforts are still required to improve government officials’ work conduct and capacity, and infrastructure at the grassroots level needs to be strengthened. We will make even greater efforts to address these issues in the future.

II. Main Objectives and Tasks for the Next Five Years

The next five years are critical for starting the construction of a modern socialist country in all respects and paramount for the all-round revitalization of Liaoning through the Chinese path to modernization. At present, the pressures of demand contraction, supply shocks and weakened expectations still loom large, and we are facing repeated COVID-19 impacts and the turbulent external environment. Despite these challenges, we have sustained the fundamentals of long-term economic growth together with other parts of China. What underlies our work is the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the helm, the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the solid foundation laid in the revitalization and development programs in recent years, the constantly improving political ecosystem, and the high consciousness of the people across the province to look forward to, strive toward and promote revitalization. We have the confidence, ambition and strength to strive to contribute Liaoning endeavors in the construction of a modern socialist country in all respects and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in revitalizing northeastern China in the new era!

Our goals in the next five years are to fully accomplish the targets set at the 13th Liaoning Provincial Party Congress and the 14th Five-Year Plan, achieve new leaps in high-quality economic development, significantly enhance the scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, complete the construction of a regional scientific and technological innovation center with national influence, make significant progress in structural adjustment, and achieve notable results in cultivating digital Liaoning and boosting the competitiveness of the province in smart manufacturing; attain new outcomes in reform and opening up, significantly improve the rule-of-law environment, and achieve fundamental enhancement in the business environment; make remarkable progress in the construction of One Rim, One Belt and Two Areas, visibly improve the urban and rural living environment, and achieve notable results in constructing beautiful Liaoning; significantly enhance the equitable access to basic public services, further improve the multi-level social security system, achieve tangible results in promoting common prosperity, enrich the functions of the social governance system, sustain the overall security and stability in society, and significantly enhance the ability to maintain the five-sphere national security, forming a strong support for major national strategies and laying a solid foundation for achieving basic modernization in 2035.

In the next five years, our key priority is the high-quality implementation of the three-year action for new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization. This is a major decision made by the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee at the critical period of revitalization and development, a strategic initiative to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance, an inherent requirement to promote high-quality development, a platform to strive for becoming pioneers with specific efforts, and a realistic need to satisfy people’s expectations. The implementation of the three-year action for new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization requires earnest efforts. We should unite and work hard to strive for deliverables, aiming to catch up with the national level of economic growth this year, exceed the national level next year, and complete the targets set in the 14th Five-Year Plan in the third year on schedule. We should secure victories in the Great Decisive Campaign of revitalizing northeastern China and Liaoning in the new era with extraordinary measures and achieve new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization with a new image, new roles and new performance.

First, make intensified efforts to establish a modern industrial system and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in promoting high-quality development. We will develop the real economy in quality, competitiveness and scale, unswervingly carry out three-pronged action on structural adjustment, build three high-quality 1-trillion-yuan level industrial bases, form a number of industrial clusters with international competitiveness, and bring the number of industrial enterprises above the designated scale to over 10,000. We will optimize the ecosystem of industrial development, focus on incubating a number of enterprises producing unique and novel products with specialized and sophisticated technologies, known as “little giants”, and single-product-manufacturing champions, and constantly improve the local support rate of leading enterprises, local transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements and growth rate of science and technology-based enterprises, as well as digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and form an industrial development pattern featuring multi-point support, simultaneous development of multiple industries and diversified growth. We will promote the in-depth integration of modern service industry with advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture and build a new system of high-quality and efficient service industry. We will rationally develop marine resources and implement the blue economic zone construction project to become a competitive province in marine economy. We will establish an all-encompassing approach to food and rely on science and technology and reform to make Liaoning a major agricultural province at an accelerated pace. We will carry forward the initiatives making Liaoning known for its quality products, ability in standard setting and famous brands. We will support high-quality development with vibrant market players, unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector, and encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector, expedite the layout optimization and restructuring of the state-owned economy, and facilitate the development of the private economy.

Second, make intensified efforts to implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in maintaining the five-sphere national security. We will integrate the strategy of expanding domestic demand with the deepening of the supply-side structural reform and implement 15 major projects to create effective demand based on high-quality supply. We will resolutely safeguard national defense security, promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration and carry forward the border guarding and consolidation project. We will solidify the foundation of food security in all respects, strengthen the protection and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources and the research of seed-related technologies, consolidate and enhance the comprehensive capacity of grain production and ensure the smooth flow in the national north-south food transport channel. We will unswervingly prioritize ecological protection, promote conservation and intensive utilization, advocate green and low-carbon development, adhere to the simultaneous treatment of mountains, waters and cities, insist on taking measures first and making subsequent adjustments, and steadily promote the actions for achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions. We will improve the energy and mineral reserves, supply and security system, optimize the energy structure and speed up the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system to make Liaoning a major consumer of clean energy. We will continuously promote the industrial foundation reengineering project, further encourage the collaborative upstream and downstream innovation of the industrial chain, and constantly bolster the resilience and security of the industrial chain and supply chain. We will effectively prevent and defuse financial risks, make continued efforts to restore the financial ecosystem, and enhance the ability of financial resources to serve the real economy. We will keep a clear focus on the grassroots level and further modernize the grassroots social governance system and governance capacity to ensure the political security, social stability and people’s peaceful lives in Liaoning.

Third, make intensified efforts to propel innovation-driven development and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in promoting high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement. We will carry forward the strategies of rejuvenating the province through science and education, talents and innovation-driven development, and construct the Shenyang-Dalian High-level Talent Gathering Platform. We will persistently face toward the world’s scientific and technological frontier, the main economic competing ground, the major national needs and the people's life and health, innovate institutions and mechanisms, integrate innovation resources, attract high-end talents, ensure high-level construction of the Shenyang base of the National Laboratory of Materials, promote the efficient construction and operation of Liaoning laboratories and promote the construction of large-scale scientific facilities to better serve the national scientific and technological strategies. We will strive to ensure outcomes in researches related to key and core technologies and untie the Gordian knots of a batch of technologies limited by others in new materials, new energy, fine chemicals and intelligent equipment manufacturing. We will provide education to the satisfaction of the people and build a high-quality education system. We will strengthen the talent support for modernization programs and attract and incubate scientific and technological leaders and innovation teams. We will highlight the principal role of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, further integrate the innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and talent chain, and shape the new momentum and new advantages of revitalization and development by relying closely on innovation.

Fourth, make intensified efforts to deepen reform in all respects and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in creating a new frontier of opening up. We will make continued efforts to build a market-oriented, law-based and international business environment, push reform with the construction of a digital government, deepen the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation and upgrading services, and promote the market-oriented reform of production factors to fully stimulate the vitality of revitalization and development. We will advance high-level opening up through deepening the reform, deeply integrate into the joint development of the Belt and Road Initiative and build a high-level Northeast Asia economic and trade cooperation hub. We will make concerted efforts in “soft and hard connectivity”, build a northeastern land-sea corridor and make every effort to create an economic trunk. We will steadily expand institutional opening up on rules, regulations, management and standards and other aspects, put into practice the foreign trade market diversification strategy and attract and utilize foreign investment at a high level. We will make China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone a high-quality project. We will deepen paired-up cooperation and attract more resources to gather in Liaoning, settle in Liaoning and revitalize Liaoning.

Fifth, make intensified efforts to cultivate a development pattern featuring One Rim, One Belt and Two Areas and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in implementing China’s regional development strategies. We will support Shenyang’s efforts in developing into a national central city and expedite the construction of a national comprehensive modern transportation hub, a national advanced manufacturing center, a national comprehensive science center, a regional financial center, and a regional cultural and creative center. We will improve the mechanism for the integrated development of Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Rim and complete the establishment of a new-type industrialization demonstration area and an important pillar for revitalizing northeastern China. We will spare no effort in building an international hub port in Dalian, promoting the integrated development of the international marine transport center in Northeast Asia, the international logistics center in Northeast Asia and the regional financial center, and accelerating the formation of a modern marine city. We will promote the coordinated reform, opening-up and innovation in six coastal cities and make all-out efforts in building a pilot area for industrial structure optimization and a pilot area for economic and social development. We will speed up the pioneer zone construction for western Liaoning to integrate into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and build the western gateway and new growth drivers of opening up and cooperation in Liaoning. We will enhance the development of key ecological function areas in eastern Liaoning, cultivate and expand green industries and establish green development demonstration areas. We will make coordinated efforts in promoting comprehensive management and industrial transformation and upgrading in resource-based areas. We will insist on prioritizing the agricultural and rural development and integrated urban and rural development, ensure tangible results in revitalizing the countryside and cultivate livable, harmonious and beautiful villages desirable to live and work in. We will boost the development of downtown county areas and townships with specialized industries, vigorously develop county economies and enhance the basis of high-quality development in an accelerating manner.

Sixth, make intensified efforts to improve people’s quality of life and shoulder greater responsibility with better performance in steadfastly promoting common prosperity. We always put people first all along and seek a better life with concerted efforts. We will continue to prioritize employment, improve the public employment service system and promote high-quality and full employment. We will deepen the income distribution system reform, improve the reasonable wage rise mechanism, increase the property income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels, raise the income of low-income people and expand the proportion of middle-income people. We will improve a fair, unified, safe, standardized and sustainable multi-level social security system that covers all people and integrates urban and rural areas. We will construct a healthy Liaoning in an accelerating manner, promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced regional layout and improve the response capacity of handling public health emergencies and the capacity of grassroots health services. We will actively respond to the aging population and expedite the development of related undertakings and industries. We will boost cultural undertakings, develop cultural industries and strive to become a culturally thriving province. We will advocate public fitness, develop competitive sports and strive to become a major sports province. We will improve the modern comprehensive transportation network and strive to become an advanced province in transportation. We will take concrete actions in promoting urban renewal and create livable, resilient and intelligent high-quality cities.

To secure outcomes in the work for the next five years, we must adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party. We must keep firmly in mind the most fundamental interests of the country and take actions to firmly advocate the decisive significance of the affirmation of Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and the affirmation of the guiding role of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, resolutely uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the CPC Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and uphold the Central Committee’s authority and its centralized leadership. We must take economic development as the primary and central task. We must fully and faithfully implement the new development philosophy on all fronts, adhere to the reform orientation of the socialist market economy, remain steadfast in high-quality development and seek unity between reasonable economic growth and structural optimization and upgrading. We must practice people-centered development philosophy. We must firmly adhere to the people-centered mindset, practice the mass line, and focus on solving the most direct and realistic issues concerning people's interests so that the fruits of revitalization can benefit the masses to the greatest extent. We must adhere to the systematic concept. We must strengthen coordination, adhere to the principles of seeking truth from facts, respecting the development law and being prepared to deal with worst-case scenarios, identify the principal challenge and set a pace for promoting all undertakings. We must have the courage and ability to carry on our fight. We must always maintain the enthusiasm of breaking new grounds, keep the spirit of identifying the challenges, striving forward with painstaking and concrete efforts and overcoming difficulties and relying on tenacious actions to create a new situation for our undertakings. We must guard the bottom line of security for development. We should practice the ability of coordinating development and security as a basic skill that must be grasped, always think about hidden dangers, diligently shore up the shortcomings, tighten the accountability system for all aspects, ensure mutual enhancement of development and security to build a higher level of safety in Liaoning.

III. Key Work in 2023

This year is the opening year of the comprehensive implementation of the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, a critical year of implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the first year of conducting the three-year action for new breakthroughs in comprehensive revitalization. Therefore, it is crucial to secure key deliverables this year.

The overall requirements for the government work this year are: Uphold Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress; thoroughly implement the gist of the important speeches and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the revitalization and development of northeastern China and Liaoning in particular; conscientiously implement the guiding principles of the Central Economic Work Conference and implement the requirements of the Economic Work Conference of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee; steadfastly promote Chinese modernization; insist on making advances while maintaining stable performance; fully and faithfully implement the new development philosophy on all fronts, proactively support and integrate into the new development pattern and ensure tangible results in promoting high-quality development; further coordinate COVID-19 prevention and control and socioeconomic development, as well as development and security; deepen reform and opening up on all fronts; vigorously boost market confidence; integrate the strategy of expanding domestic demand with the deepening of the supply-side structural reform; prioritize the work on stabilizing the growth, employment and prices; effectively prevent and defuse major risks; fulfill the political mission of safeguarding the five-sphere national security; shore up Four Shortcomings in mechanisms and institutions, economic structure, opening up and cooperation, and views and values; complete Six Key Tasks listed in the annual Central Economic Work Conference with tangible results; persistently carry out the three-pronged action on structural adjustment; promote the overall improvement of economic operation and achieve effective quality improvement and reasonable growth in quantity as a solid foundation for achieving new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization.

The main expectation indicators of economic and social development in Liaoning this year are: regional GDP growth by more than 5%; general public budget revenue growth by about 5%; added value growth of industries above the designated scale by about 6%; fixed asset investment growth by more than 10%; total retail sales of consumer goods growth by about 7%; total imports and exports growth by about 6%; more than 450,000 urban jobs created, with the surveyed urban unemployment rate at about 5.5%; consumer prices rise by about 3%; growth in personal income basically in sync with economic growth; grain yield reaching more than 48 billion jin (24 billion kilograms); and energy consumption reduction per unit of GDP by 2% or so.

We will focus on the following work.

(I) Striving to promote the overall improvement of economic performance. We will integrate growth stabilization, structural adjustment and reform promotion for the steady and healthy development of the economy.

Ensuring tangible results in implementing policies to stabilize the economy. We will ensure the effectiveness of the policy packages and successive measures to stabilize the economy, meticulously implement relief policies for enterprises, such as tax cut and fee reduction, support the development of MSMEs and individual businesses, help enterprises survive difficulties and vigorously boost the confidence of market entities to encourage the businesses to think big and take actions and inspire the people to seek original innovation. We will optimize fiscal and financial support policies, leverage the provincial industrial guidance fund, coordinate policy instruments, such as investment funds, financing guarantees and loan with discounted interest, utilize structural financial tools, such as micro and small inclusive loans, carbon emission reduction, scientific and technological innovation, as well as equipment renewal and transformation, guarantee the financing needs of major projects and support enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading.

Actively expanding effective investment. We will leverage the key role of investment to optimize the supply structure and rely on 15 major projects to plan and construct a number of high-quality projects that will help to consolidate the foundation, create long-term benefits, shore up weak links and adjust the structure. We will intensify industrial investment and start the construction of the fine chemical and raw materials project of Panjin Weapon Group, pesticides and fine chemical project of Huludao Yangnong Chemical, and new power battery project of Shenyang BMW. Through models such as collaboration between the central and local governments and PPP, we will expedite the infrastructure construction, start the construction of Dalian new airport, the second runway of Shenyang airport, and the Water Diversion and Supply Project from the Dayang River into Dalian, and accelerate the construction of key projects, such as Shenyang-Changbaishan High-speed Railway and the flood control enhancement project of the trunk Liaohe River. Fuxin-Naiman Highway will open for traffic. Shenyang Metro Line 4 and the south extension of Line 2 and Dalian Metro Line 5 will open for operation. We will plan new infrastructure in advance and speed up the construction of “double gigabit” city projects and charging facilities. We will strengthen the provincial coordination of major projects, improve the assessing, rewarding and punishing mechanisms and step up the guarantee of project funding and other factors to ensure new breakthroughs in project development.

Promoting the quality improvement and expansion of consumption. Measures to restore and promote consumption will be introduced. We will accelerate the recovery of the wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering industries, reasonably increase consumption credit and support consumption in the areas such as housing improvement, elderly services, education, medical care, and cultural and sports services. We will encourage rural consumption and trade-ins of vehicles and cultivate new consumption drivers, such as NEVs, green and smart home appliances, smart wearable devices. We will vigorously develop live e-commerce, accelerate the construction of smart supermarkets, smart restaurants and other smart consumption terminals, and innovate consumption scenarios. We will support the standardized development of platform economy and promote the development of sharing economy, new-type self-employed economy and night economy. We will upgrade and cultivate a batch of popular and featured commercial streets with a rich cultural background in cities, speed up the construction of regional consumption centers, support the efforts made by Shenyang and Dalian to transform into international consumption centers, and create consumption centers in northeastern China. We will implement the county business development action, renovate and upgrade comprehensive business service centers in counties, business centers in townships and agricultural products distribution centers at their places of origin. We will strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests to facilitate the consumption activities of the people and make them feel at ease.

(II) Striving to strengthen the support of education, science and technology and talents. We will prioritize education-related projects, pursue scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, tap the potential of talents in leading the development and accelerate the transformation of Liaoning into a province competitive in education, science and technology and talents.

Providing education to the satisfaction of the people. We will comprehensively implement the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, expedite the construction of a high-quality education system, advocate all-round education and promote equitable access to education. We will strengthen the inclusive development of preschool education and special education. We will speed up the quality and balanced development and urban-rural integration of compulsory education and consolidate the results of easing the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education. We will encourage the diversified development of high schools. We will continue to pursue vocational/general education integration, industry/education integration and science/education integration and build about 20 higher vocational schools under the Liaoning Excellence scheme. We will accelerate the construction of national first-class universities and disciplines with Chinese characteristics, strengthen the construction of basic disciplines, emerging disciplines and inter-disciplinary subjects, create about 100 first-class disciplines and about 1,000 first-class majors and tap the inner potential of higher education.

Highlighting the leading role of scientific and technological innovation. With intensive efforts for creating a regional scientific and technological innovation center with national influence, we will establish high-level innovation platforms, such as Liaoning laboratories, strive to include the Dalian Advanced Light Source Project into the national development matrix and make every effort to cultivate a cluster of scientific research resources, a source of original innovation and a pool attracting high-end talents in China. We will accelerate the construction of Shenyang Hunnan Technology City and Dalian Yinggeshi Technology City and upgrade the development of Shenyang-Dalian National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zones. We will implement the graduated incubation plan for scientific and technological enterprises, with scientific and technological SMEs exceeding than 26,000, high-tech enterprises exceeding 11,000, and start-up enterprises with strong innovation ability and high growth potentials, gazelle enterprises and unicorn enterprises reaching 4,500. We further promote the three-year action of reforming the science and technology system, improve the generating and managing mechanism and the result application mechanism of scientific and technological projects, carry out 100 Dare-to-Undertake projects, create 200 substantial industry-university-research alliances, build 10 new pilot-scale testing bases and reach a local application rate of more than 55% of scientific and technological achievements. We will strengthen the legal protection of intellectual property rights, publicize the spirits of scientists, cultivate innovation culture and create an atmosphere conducive to innovation.

Ensuring high-quality results in talent related work. We will further implement the Liaoning Talent Initiative and the Graduates Settling in Liaoning Special Action, attract 300 high-end talent teams bringing projects with them, support the introduction of about 1,000 top-notch talents specialized in different professions and build a talent center of national importance. We will optimize the development ecosystem of talents and address the worries of talents, such as medical security and offspring’s schooling, so as to make all kinds of talents feel assured to settle down, thus tapping the greatest potential of them. We will delegate powers, relax limitations, give leading and top-notch talents more rights to decide on technical routes and fund utilization, improve the talent evaluation system and stimulate their vitality in innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, making Liaoning a competing ground for them to pursue their careers!

(III) Striving to cultivate digital Liaoning and make the province competitive in smart manufacturing. We will unswervingly put the focus of economic development on the real economy, deepen the three-pronged structural adjustment and expedite the construction of a modern economic system.

Promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. With initiatives of reengineering the industrial base and researching major technologies and equipment, we will focus on promoting 200 technological transformation and demonstration projects, launch 60 major technology and equipment research projects for breakthroughs and improve the policy system for the research and development application of the first set of equipment, the first batch of new materials and the first version of software. We will carry out energy-saving upgrading of key industries, construct green factories, create green supply chains and form a number of green and low-carbon demonstration projects. We will implement special actions for the clustered development of advanced manufacturing, support the accelerated development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing clusters in Shenyang, strengthen and expand 12 influential and competitive industrial clusters, such as aviation equipment, shipping and marine equipment, and CNC machine tools, and cultivate 10 strategic emerging industrial clusters, such as NEVs, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection. We will promote 60 key projects to extend, supplement and strengthen the chain, support leading enterprises to establish development communities with upstream and downstream enterprises, create supporting industrial parks and improve the local support rate of leading enterprises. We will support SMEs to produce unique and novel products with specialized and sophisticated technologies, promote the integrated development of small, medium and large enterprises, match the industrial chain and innovation chain, improve the quality of the supply system and accelerate the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, bringing the innovation-driven transformation and structural adjustment to the fast lane.

Expediting the development of digital economy. We will promote the in-depth integration of the digital economy and the real economy, cultivate a number of influential leading enterprises in digital economy and strengthen a batch of digital industry clusters in scale and competitiveness, such as integrated circuit equipment, software and industrial Internet. We will host the Global Industrial Internet Conference, bring the number of provincial-level industrial Internet platforms to more than 80, expand the application scale of secondary nodes of identifier resolution and Spark·Blockchain and build a pioneering area of integrated “5G+Industrial Internet” application. We will build 60 smart factories and digital workshops, cultivate 10 benchmark enterprises for digital transformation and promote the digital transformation of SMEs.

Cultivating and strengthening the modern service industry. We will focus on promoting the comprehensive pilot program of expanding the opening of the service industry in Shenyang. We will expedite the extension of producer services to the specialized manufacturing end, develop high-tech services, such as information technology, R&D and design, inspection and testing, and cultivate and expand the headquarters economy and the exhibition economy. We will deepen the enterprise listing multiplication plan and expand the direct financing scale of the enterprises. We will promote Dalian Commodity Exchange’s efforts of transforming into an international first-class derivatives exchange in an accelerating manner. We will promote the integrated online and offline development in commerce and trade and improve the county-town-village logistics system. We will enhance the quality and expand the scale of domestic services, promote the innovative development of emerging tourism models, such as self-drive and camping, and upgrade the quality and diversify the provision of life services.

(IV) Striving to promote rural revitalization. We will prioritize agriculture and rural development, insists on the integrated urban and rural development, center our work on increasing farmers’ income, ensure tangible results in revitalizing rural industries, talents, culture, ecosystem and organizations and cultivate livable, harmonious and beautiful villages desirable to work and live in.

Improving the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture. We will implement the national 100-billion-jin grain production capacity enhancement action, ensure grain sowing area of not less than 53.03 million mu (3.535 million hectares), resolutely keep the red line of arable land protection and the bottom line of food security. We will create 2.89 million mu (192,667 hectares) of high-standard farmland and implement the black soil protection project covering 10 million mu (6.667 million hectares). We will speed up the construction of cold-chain storage and preservation facilities for agricultural products at the places of origin and promote the high-quality and efficient development of protected agriculture. We will expedite the construction of the pioneering area of the national water network, modernize large and medium-sized irrigation areas and promote the construction of the comprehensive flooded area management project. We will proceed with the seed industry revitalization action in an in-depth manner and enhance the scientific and technological innovation in the seed industry.

Developing rural characteristic industries. Insisting on “one county, one industrial park; one town, one industry; one village, one product”, we will carry out the action on enhancing pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic agricultural products and geographical indications of agricultural products, strengthen leading enterprises, supplement the chains, boost the industries of various modes, establish the brands, vigorously promote the fine and deep processing of agricultural products, tap the potential of local specialties, cultivate influential brands of Liaoning agricultural products at home and abroad and make Liaoning a major food processor. We will focus on cultivating new-type agricultural business entities, pursue innovative development of new business models, such as direct supply form agricultural businesses and custom agriculture, develop the B&B economy and courtyard economy according to local conditions and promote the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. We will deepen the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives and agricultural reclamation. We will improve the farmer linkage mechanism, strengthen the linkage between rural projects with industrial and commercial capital investment and the industrial chain of farmers, so as to increase the value of agricultural products and benefit farmers. We will dovetail the support policies to the people and areas lifted out from poverty and ensure tangible results in implementing related measures to firmly prevent the return of poverty on a large scale.

Implementing rural construction action. We will coordinate the planning and construction of urban and rural infrastructure, extend public infrastructure to rural areas, construct and renovate 5,000 kilometers of rural roads and 5,817 kilometers of rural power grids, renovate 6,000 dilapidated rural houses and 200 dangerous highway bridges, implement rural water supply projects at 300 sites and accelerate the construction of digital countryside. We continue to implement the rural living environment improving and upgrading action, promote rural toilet replacement and treatment of domestic waste and sewage according to local conditions, take further actions for clean, green, beautiful and lit-up countryside and create more than 1,000 new beautiful and livable villages. We will speed up to shore up weak links of basic public services in rural areas, establish and improve the rural governance system integrating self-governance, rule of law and rule of virtue and strive to cultivate new rural images characterized by beautiful ecology, beautiful economy and beautiful life.

(V) Striving to deepen the reform in key areas. We will insist on market-oriented reform, give full play to the decisive role of the market in the resource allocation, leverage the role of the government, ensure the effective implementation of the principles of unswervingly consolidating and developing the public sector, and encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of the non-public sector, and stimulate market vitality and social creativity.

Continuously optimizing the business environment. We will focus on rectifying the outstanding problems in the business environment, enhance the quality and efficiency of government services through digital reform and strive to create a more fair, open, transparent and predictable business environment. We will deepen the reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services, and promote one-time handling for one applied item, one-time conclusion of enterprise-related approval items, and one portal for people to apply for all government services. We will deepen the reform of the approval system of construction projects. We will uphold the spirit of contract, resolutely correct the breach of trust in administrative services, accelerate the cleanup and abolition of various regulations and practices that hinder the unified market and fair competition and develop the economy in accordance with the law. We will promote application-free enjoyment and direct enjoyment of the policies benefiting and backing enterprises. We will vigorously dispose of unfinished buildings in cities and effectively revitalize the idle stock assets. We will work hard to cultivate a cordial and clean relationship between government and business, so that the public and market players will have a stronger sense of gain and Liaoning will truly become an ideal place for entrepreneurs and all kinds of talents to innovate and start businesses and a cradle for achieving their dreams.

Deepening the reform of state-owned capital and SOEs. We will formulate and implement a new round of action plans to deepen the reform of SOEs, speed up the integration and reorganization of SOEs, promote the reform of mixed ownership system with enterprise-specific measures, improve the market-oriented operation mechanism, focus on the main mission and main business, pool resources into the main business and competitive enterprises and incubate a batch of large SOEs with solid strength and excellent operation quality. Efforts will be made to facilitate the regional comprehensive reform and experiment of state-owned capital and SOEs in Shenyang. The role of central institutions based in Liaoning will be fully leveraged. We will strengthen the collaboration between the central institutions and local governments, create a platform for central enterprises to participate in local economic development, deepen partnership in major infrastructure and pillar industries and attract central enterprises to set up regional headquarters in Liaoning. We will conduct centralized and unified supervision of operational state-owned assets to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of state-owned assets supervision.

Incubating and strengthening the private economy. We will formulate and implement policies and initiatives to facilitate the accelerated development of the private economy, wholeheartedly solve problems and bring benefits to private enterprises and strongly support the reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading of the private economy. We will break down the various barriers to equal access, support the participation of private capital in major projects and project construction, guide private enterprises to participate in the reform of mixed ownership of SOEs and encourage private capital to revitalize state-owned stock assets through various means. We will intensify the support of capital, land and other factors for private enterprises, support the development of private enterprises through multi-level capital market financing, improve the long-term arrears prevention and addressing mechanism for SMEs and protect the property rights of private enterprises and the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law. We will strengthen the capacity building of the entrepreneurial team, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, bring the role of entrepreneurs into full play and strive to create a strong atmosphere of caring for and supporting the business, forming an active situation where the booming private economy competes for the better.

(VI) Striving to expand the high-level opening up. We will integrate into the joint development of the Belt and Road Initiative with high-quality projects, coordinate the channels and platforms of trade and investment, accelerate the construction of Northeast Asia economic and trade cooperation hub and advance high-quality development with high-level opening up.

Enhancing the levels and capacities of channels and platforms. We will strive to elevate the northeastern land-sea corridor to a national strategy, promote “hard connectivity” of infrastructure and “soft connectivity” of rules and standards and push forward the in-depth integration of transportation, logistics, trade and industries. We will expedite the construction of Shenyang CR Express Hub and Dalian Coastal Hub, deepen the port reform, facilitate the high-quality port development, improve the integrated port logistics system and advocate the single-order multimodal transport. We will upgrade the level and capacity of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, establish linked innovation zones and form more institutional innovation achievements with Liaoning characteristics. We will boost the reform, innovation and high-quality development of development zones and free trade zones and build a pilot area of high-quality foreign investment.

Optimizing and upgrading foreign trade. We will establish a pioneer zone for economic and trade cooperation in Northeast Asia, guide enterprises to make good use of RCEP rules, vigorously promote the construction of and customs clearance for the frontier trade zone in Dandong and actively participate in the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. We will implement the plan of foreign trade growth from two aspects in an in-depth manner, actively carry out all-round trade promotion actions, push forward the application of single-window service for international trade, focus on cultivating a batch of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks and accelerate the development of new business modes, such as overseas warehouses, market procurement trade, bonded maintenance and offshore trade. We will develop digital trade, deepen the all-round innovation and development of trade in services, create a national foreign trade transformation base and a characteristic service export base, develop Shenyang and Dalian into high-standard national service outsourcing demonstration cities and cultivate new drivers of foreign trade.

Attracting investment with all-out efforts. We will ensure high-quality organization of important exhibitions, such as Liaoning International Investment and Trade Fair, give full play to the role of chambers of commerce as bridges, attract business by using the industrial chain, capital, science and technology and already settled businesses, insist on investment promotion by the main Party and government leaders and “go global” on a regular basis to attract a batch of quality projects. We will continue to grant national treatment to foreign-funded enterprises, attract and use foreign capital with greater efforts and encourage foreign capital to expand investment, stabilize the in-operation investment projects and improve the quality. We will deepen the collaboration among Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia and upgrade the Jiangsu-Liaoning, Beijing-Shenyang and Shanghai-Dalian paired-up cooperation. We will ensure an about 10% growth in the paid-in capital from the investment promotion campaign in the year.

(VII) Striving to create a new pattern of coordinated regional development. We will strengthen the role of Shenyang and Dalian as two cores driving the development of surrounding areas and as pioneers to lead the efforts of achieving new breakthroughs in the all-round revitalization of Liaoning in the new era. We will leverage the comparative advantages of different places and promote the formation of a regional economic landscape characterized by complementary advantages and coordinated development.

Accelerating the construction of Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Rim. We will support Shenyang to give full play to its advantages as a central city, enhance its leadership, gather innovation factors, promote high-end industrial development and achieve high-quality development of the metropolitan area. We will accelerate the urban integration of Shenyang and Fushun, support pilot programs of Shenyang-Fushun Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone and promote the integrated development of the metropolitan area. We will intensify the integration and collaboration of innovation chain and industrial chain, co-establish technology research and development platforms and talent training bases and coordinate the efforts of establishing a regional innovation community. We will make concerted efforts in creating ecological corridors along the basins of Liaohe River, Hunhe River and Taizi River. We will enhance the quality and efficiency of public services in the metropolitan area and advocate joint development and service sharing.

Accelerating the development of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt. We will support Dalian to pursue scientific and technological innovation, upgrade the industries, promote the high-quality construction of the Taiping Bay Cooperation and Innovation Zone and transform into a new highland to lead the opening up and cooperation in northeastern China. We will support coastal cities to coordinate reform and innovation, vigorously develop the marine economy, build a batch of marine industry clusters and port economic zones and create a golden coastline seeking opening up from the sea. We will speed up the construction of national port-based logistics hubs in Dalian and Yingkou and national backbone cold chain logistics base in Yingkou, expand the border economic cooperation zone in Dandong, transform Jinzhou into a regional central city and vigorously promote the development of the high-quality development pilot zone in the Liaohe River Delta.

Expediting the construction of the Pioneer Zone for Western Liaoning to Integrate into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Strategy. We will facilitate the two-way flow of resources and factors with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, strengthen the integration and matching of channels, industries, platforms, markets and ecosystem, build incubation bases, innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases and high-level pilot-scale testing bases for scientific and technological achievements gained in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and create green agricultural products supply bases, clean energy supply bases and tourism destinations for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Accelerating the development of the Eastern Liaoning Green Economic Zone. We will comprehensively enhance the ecological function of forests, step up the protection of natural forests, expedite the cultivation of reserve forests, intensify the construction and protection of drinking water sources and conservation areas and focus on building key ecological function areas. We will establish a green industrial system, promote the construction of green and low-carbon industrial clusters, enhance deep processing of characteristic agricultural and forestry products, such as geo-authentic medicinal herbs, edible mushrooms and mountain vegetables, and cultivate geographical indication brands. We will build and improve the tourism transportation network, cultivate forest recreation bases and create demonstration areas for all-for-one tourism.

Accelerating the high-quality development of the county economy. Focusing on advocating the leading role of industries, strengthening downtown county areas and revitalizing the countryside, we will cultivate a batch of competitive industrial counties, characteristic agricultural counties and eco-tourism counties. The province-county direct handling mechanism for important examination-approval matters will be established in accordance with the law. We will push forward new urbanization mainly manifested in downtown county areas, shore up weak links of county functions according to local conditions, coordinate infrastructure and industrial development within counties and further leverage the role of counties connecting to cities and serving the countryside.

(VIII) Striving to advance the beautiful Liaoning program. We will practice the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, coordinate efforts of carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and economic growth, and promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Deepening pollution prevention and control. We will focus on rectifying the issues raised by the central ecological and environmental protection inspection team. We will step up efforts in keeping our skies blue, our waters clear, and our land pollution-free, further control the atmosphere pollution, reinforce the river and lake chief system, consolidate the successes made in treating urban black and malodorous water bodies, pay close attention to treating such water bodies in counties, promote the construction of a national park at the Liaohe River Estuary, carry out the Beautiful Bay Project and strengthen the safe use of agricultural land and construction land. We will rationally promote the comprehensive management and integrated use of the open pit in western Fushun and Haizhou mine in Fuxin and expedite the treatment of subsidence areas due to coal mining. We will promote the pilot project of scientific greening demonstration province, create 1.25 million mu (83,333 hectares) of forests and secure progress in promoting sand prevention and control and soil stabilization in northwestern Liaoning, protecting the “green lung” and “water tower” in eastern Liaoning and planting protective forests along the coasts of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. We will reserve the space for future development, protect the nature, expand the green landscape, speed up the construction of multi-level urban park system and create more ecological experience scenes featuring harmony between humanity and nature.

Expediting the clean and low-carbon energy transition. We will implement a system for controlling total carbon emissions, orderly develop of high-quality coal-fired power and transform coal-fired power in terms of energy saving, carbon reduction, flexibility and heat supply. We will vigorously develop wind and solar power generation, develop nuclear power in a safe and orderly manner and promote the construction of Xudapu Nuclear Power Plant and pumped storage power stations in Qingyuan and Zhuanghe. We will ensure steady development of hydrogen energy industry and construct an important hydrogen energy industry base in northern China. We will intensify efforts in researching energy storage technologies and achieving industrial expansion, promote the integration of power source, grid, load and storage and multi-energy mutual support and build a regional energy trading center in northeastern China.

Vigorously developing green economy. We will establish and improve the policy system, including the implementation plan, for peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality and shift the focus from controlling the total energy consumption and the intensity to controlling the total carbon emissions and the intensity. We will carry out green transformation of such industries as iron and steel, petrochemical, non-ferrous metal and building materials. We will support the high-quality development of magnesia industry. We will promote the recycling development of industrial parks with tailored policies. We will conserve land, water, minerals and materials and accelerate the efforts of Shenyang, Dalian and Chaoyang to become national low-carbon pilot cities. We will gradually carry out fair distribution and trading of carbon emission rights and water utilization rights.

(IX) Striving to protect and improve people’s livelihood. We always take people’s yearning for a better life as our goal and take more measures to boost people’s livelihood and warm their hearts so that the people can share the fruits of modernization.

Promoting high-quality and full employment. We will insist on prioritizing the work related to employment, meticulously implement the policy of assisting the enterprises, stabilizing the jobs and expanding the employment market, encourage job opportunities created by starting new businesses and support and regulate the development of new employment forms. We will implement the Liaoning Technician Initiative and strengthen the capacity building of the basic public employment services. We will improve the employment support system for key groups, such as university graduates, veterans and migrant workers, intensify employment support for people in need, ensure dynamic elimination of zero-employment families and guard against the risk of large-scale unemployment.

Improving the social security system. We will implement the national coordination of basic pension insurance and develop multi-level multi-pillar pension insurance system. We will promote the provincial coordination of basic medical insurance and work injury insurance. We will improve the insurance system for major diseases and the medical assistance system, provide the settlement services for people seeking medical treatment outside their places of insurance payment and speed up and expand the scope of centralized and large-scale procurement of drugs and medical consumables. We will improve the tiered and classified social assistance system and raise the minimum living subsidy for the needy. We will vigorously develop the elderly-related initiatives and the elderly industry, strengthen the construction of elderly service facilities in urban and rural communities and support the large-scale development of elderly care institutions with their own chain branches and brands. We will strengthen the capacity building of institutions providing infant and child care services and protecting the minors and renovate 100 institutions providing subsistence for the people in need in urban and rural areas. We will protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, improve the social welfare system and care system for the disabled and orphans and encourage charity projects. We will carry out urban renewal actions, promote the construction of sponge cities, renovate 1,200 old and dilapidated neighborhoods and renovate 6,600 kilometers of old pipe networks.

Vigorously developing social undertakings. We will accelerate the construction of the National Cancer Regional Medical Center of the First Hospital of China Medical University and the National Children’s Regional Medical Center of Shengjing Hospital, promote the construction of various specialized regional medical centers at the provincial level, build compact-type medical communities and accelerate the expansion and grassroots utilization of high-quality medical resources. We will deepen the reform of public hospitals and regulate the development of private hospitals. We will innovate hospital-prevention synergy and integration mechanisms and construct the national emergency medical rescue base. We will enhance the utilization of smart facilities in hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cultivate flagship hospitals combining traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine and enhance the TCM application in Liaoning. We will deepen the cultural system reform, improve the modern public cultural service system, innovate the implementation of cultural projects for the people, create and use new-type public cultural spaces and nurture a book-reading atmosphere in Liaoning. We will continue to support the construction of the Great Wall National Cultural Park (Liaoning section) and promote the application of the Niuheliang Hongshan Cultural Heritage Site as a world cultural heritage site. We will launch the project of improving the quality of literary and artistic works and publications and encourage the radio and television system to pursue innovation and excellence and promote the smart operation. We will hold the 12th Liaoning Arts Festival. We will ensure mutual enhancement of the cultural and tourism industries, promote their in-depth integration and development, vigorously develop the all-for-one tourism and polish the tourism brand to create leisure and tourism destinations in Northeast Asia. We will carry out the project of cultivating civilized cities and focus on improving the civic morality of the people and society. We will ensure successful organization of the 14th Liaoning Games and Liaoning Games for the Disabled and actively bid for the 15th National Winter Games. We will continuously improve the fitness facilities for the people and widely carry out mass fitness activities. We will implement plans to enhance Liaoning’s strengths in football, basketball and volleyball, vigorously develop winter sports, build winter sports centers, expand the winter sports industry and cultivate famous sports cities with each one developed in one sport.

(X) Striving to maintain the overall stability of society. We will further coordinate epidemic prevention and control and socioeconomic development, as well as development and security, and consolidate the grassroots base of national security and social stability to ensure social stability and order.

Effectively preventing and defusing risks. We will accelerate the reform of urban merchant banks based on tailored measures, comprehensively implement the overall reform of the agricultural credit system, complete the incorporation of a provincial rural commercial bank, ensure high-standard construction of Shenyang Financial Court, strengthen financial supervision in accordance with the law and prevent the formation of regional and systemic financial risks. We will strictly implement the risk investigation and early warning mechanism of enterprise bonds and crack down on illegal fund-raising and debt evasion. We will strengthen the supervision of implicit debts, resolutely curb the incremental ones and resolve the outstanding ones. We will tighten up the basic social functions on three aspects at the grassroots level. We will stand firm on the position that houses are for the living not for speculation, advance the work related to presold housing delivery, people’s livelihood and social stability, maintain the smooth and orderly real estate financing, launch city-specific policies, focus on improving expectations, support basic housing and demands for better living conditions and construct 30,000 sets of subsidized rental housing to ensure the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

Effectively maintaining public safety. We will implement initiatives of managing the epidemic with measures against Class B infectious diseases and focus on protecting people’s health and preventing severe cases to effectively safeguard people rights of health and ensure social order and stability. We will improve the public safety system and advocate prior prevention in public safety governance. We will tighten and solidify the work safety accountability system and resolutely prevent the occurrence of severe safety accidents. Food and drug safety supervision will be strengthened. We will improve emergency management and material supply system and improve the disaster prevention, mitigation and relief capabilities.

Innovating and improving social governance. We will improve the social governance system based on collaboration, participation and shared benefits and launch the pilot project of modernizing municipal social governance with in-depth efforts. We will uphold and develop the “Fengqiao Model” for a new era, improve the work of the cadres related to responding to people’s appeals, solving the issues at the grassroots level and handling visit appointments, improve the four-level dispute mediation and resolution system and timely resolve disputes at the grassroots level and an early stage. We will ensure the effectiveness of grid management and enhance the meticulous governance and targeted services at the community level. We will strengthen the overall prevention and control of social security, persistently facilitate the cultivation of model cities of social security prevention and control systems, take routine actions in combating organized crimes and rooting out local criminal gangs and severely punish all kinds of illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law.

We will deepen the mass national defense education, strengthen national defense mobilization, border and naval defense and reserve force, further incentivize the soldiers and their families with honors and protect their rights and interests and provide better services for veterans. We will further promote military-civilian mutual support and consolidate and develop the military/government and military/civilian unity. We will deepen the work of ethnic unity and progress and strengthen the management of religious affairs. We will carry out the fifth national economic census. We will promote the work related to foreign affairs, meteorology, earthquake, archives and the Red Cross.

IV. Comprehensively Strengthening Government Self-improvement

With the new historical mission on our shoulder, we must faithfully perform our duties, govern in accordance with the law, and strive to make new progress. We should never forget our original aspiration and founding mission, always stay modest, prudent, and hard-working, have the courage and ability to carry on our fight, accelerate the modernization of the governance system and capacity and strive to establish a government to serve the people to their satisfaction.

First, remaining absolutely loyal. We must gain a profound understanding of the decisive significance of the affirmation of Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and the affirmation of the guiding role of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. We must be keenly aware of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core and keep in alignment with the Central Party leadership. We must stay confident in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the CPC Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and uphold the Central Committee’s authority and its centralized leadership. We must carry out themed education activities, thoroughly study and practice Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, apply the positions, perspectives and methods therein into all aspects and processes of government work and interpret loyalty with the fruits of revitalization and development.

Second, practicing the purpose of serving the people. We must always put the people first, orientate our work toward people’s expectations, practice the Party’s mass line in the new era with heart and soul, stand firm on the people’s position and respond to the people’s aspirations. We will encourage Party members and officials to work at the grassroots level and in enterprises, take concrete actions in serving the people face to face and heart to heart, work pragmatically, shoulder responsibility, improve skills in completing tasks and make all-out efforts to solve the most pressing difficulties of immediate concern to the people.

Third, building a law-based government. We will comprehensively standardize all aspects of the government work, make them law-based, optimize the system of major administrative decision-making procedures, define in detail administrative discretions, strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement and constantly improve administrative efficiency and credibility. We will vigorously promote the disclosure of government matters, consciously submit ourselves to the legal and work supervision of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, the democratic supervision of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the CPPCC and the supervision through public opinion, so as to ensure that power is exercised in broad daylight.

Fourth, developing skills for governance. We will enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency to make new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization, make headway with an enterprising spirit and create a dynamic situation where officials and local governments are bold enough to blaze new path for development. We will improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism based on practical work performance and be a government of its word. We will remain sober-minded and firm in our fight, focus on improving the ability to prevent risks, meet challenges and resist pressure and open up a new front for all-round revitalization with excellent governance.

Fifth, maintaining ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times. We will strictly improve Party conduct and enforce Party discipline to the letter, ceaselessly implement the principles of the Central leadership’s eight-point decision on improving work conducts and its implementation rules, unremittingly rectify the Four Forms of Official Misconduct, that is, favoring form over substance, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance, and continue to reduce the burden for the grassroots. We will further improve Party conduct, build clean government, and raise people’s satisfaction index and happiness index with the government’s clean index and diligence index.

Fellow Deputies! On the new journey in the new era, only unremitting efforts will make it possible for us to realize new breakthroughs in all-round revitalization. Let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and follow the leadership of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee to stay confident and build strength, work hard, forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude and expedite the all-round revitalization of Liaoning, so as to make Liaoning’s contributions to the building of a modern socialist country in all respects!



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